The Real Nfl Footballs For 2023

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WILSON "The Duke" Official NFL Game Football - New 2020 Version
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Footballs are the small leather or rubber spheres that football players use to kick the ball. They come in different shapes and sizes, with each having its own unique purpose and use in a given play. Some footballs are designed to be kicked efficiently for a low-scoring play, while others are used as a tool for skilled punters who can try to hack the ball up into the air for an even higher long-range shot.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about real NFL footballs. These include information about the different materials used to make them and how they’re manufactured, as well as various details about their size, shape, weight, cost, and more.

In the end, we concluded that WILSON "The Duke" Official NFL Game Football - New 2020 Version was the most highly recommended. Other options presented here are certainly worthy of your attention, and in order to assist you in making an informed choice, we have compiled a helpful shopping guide.

Products Suggest

High quality Horween leather, Handmade in the USA

Official NFL American Football for training or competitions, also suitable for collectors

The Wilson trademark W is pressed into every panel of Wilson NFL leather, NFL shield stamped in blue, red and silver

Specifications almost identical to those of the official NFL balls

You will receive 1 ball in one of the following colors; black, blue, red and pink

Great in all weather conditions and is featured in a plethora of colors

Raised laces give the ability for all hand sizes to throw the perfect spiral

Designed for all ages

A composite cover gives the NFL Mini increased durability

TOP Choice #3 WILSON NFL MVP Football - Gray, Official
Our Score:
Wilson Sporting Goods

Bring the Big Game to the Backyard

Tacky material for enhanced grip

Recommended for players aged 14+

Sport type: American Football

Synthetic cover ready for play

Official size

PLAY LIKE THE PROS: This mini replica of the NFL Duke Football is a fun recreation of the on-field ball, so everyone to play like an NFL pro

COLLECTIBLE: This official NFL mini ball is perfect for collector's looking to put something special on the shelf

NFL OFFICIAL: Wilson is the official football of the NFL, and the only official football in the league's history

Sport type: American Football

MINI SIZE: Smaller size is ideal for play for all ages

SOFT FEEL: The composite cover makes this ball soft and accessible for players young and old

BRIGHT COLOR: Yellow color scheme displaying a rare palatte to set its look apart

NFL OFFICIAL: Wilson is the official partner of all NFL balls, partnered since 1941, one of the gandest straditions in the sport

JUNIOR SIZE: Typically regulation size for older elemntary school players somtims through middle school, ideal for ages 9-12.

DURABLE PERFORMANCE: Intended for rec use beyond the while lines

ULTIMATE GRIP AND FEEL: Soft touch composite cover for that quality feel that flows right off your fingers and raised pebbled laces offer extra fingerpoint grips when throwing for more accurate control and seamless spiral

IDEAL SIZE FOR TOSSING AROUND A TAILGATE, this ball is small enough to fit in a youth hand, yet packs enough weight to keep an adult entertained for hours


GREAT GIFT IDEA, this ball is an affordable last-minute gift for any holiday, that Packers fans are sure to love

SUITABLE FOR ALL ELEMENTS, molded rubber composition allows this football to withstand all elements and is perfect for the beach or pool

FEATURES BOLD PACKERS DESIGN with team color base and all over team logos and word marks

PERFECT FOOTBALL FOR ANY GREEN BAY PACKERS FAN that wants to show off his or her team pride while tossing around a football that is easy to throw and catch

SEWN CONSTRUCTION: The strong composite cover combined with enhanced lining allows for extended durability and all-weather performance.

ULTIMATE GRIP AND FEEL: Soft touch composite cover for that quality feel that flows right off your fingers and raised pebbled laces offer extra fingerpoint grips when throwing for more accurate control and seamless spiral

Sport type: American Football

NFL OFFICIAL: Wilson is the official football of the NFL, and the only official football in the league's history

JUNIOR SIZE: Typically regulation size for older elemntary school players somtims through middle school, ideal for ages 9-12.

LEATHER PANEL: Part of the exerior is covered in the classic leather look

BRANDED GRAPHICS: Marked with Wilson script logo and NFL shield signifying an approval at a high standard and high quality

BLANK CANVAS: Signature-ready white surface, built to document your autographs

MINI SIZE: A proper fit for miniature novelty use

NFL OFFICIAL: Wilson is the official football of the NFL, and the only official football in the league's history, a tradition passed down from generation to generation

Great For Indoor And Outdoor Use

Ideal as a gift for football fans and children, also suitable as a decoration for birthday gifts

Easy and fast inflation with ball pump (sold separately), can be used in water

Miniature replica of the American football the duke with NFL-Logo for recreational use or for collectors

Distinct design and detailed replica made of PVC material

DURABLE BUILD: An all-surface cover is durable enough for "football weather", and a butyl rubber bladder offers extended air retention

TAILGATE TIME: A perfect companion to bring along to your favorite tailgating spot on Sunday

MINI SIZE: Mini-sized football is perfect for a casual toss around for all ages of fans

NFL OFFICIAL: Wilson is the Official Football of the NFL, and this mini football is available in designs featuring all 32 NFL teams

RETRO DESIGN: Retro-inspired designs feature throwback logos and colors for your favorite NFL team

A Simple Way To Choose The real nfl footballs For You

Would you like to know how to select the real nfl footballs to purchase in 2023? We have a straightforward solution for you. First, consider your own requirements. For instance, should you need something that could be used during workouts, look for products that are made of high-quality materials and are resistant to water.

Consider the price range next. Some people prefer low prices, while others prefer to invest additional money on better quality items, so weigh both choices once making a decision.

Eventually, reading reviews is a simple way to select the real nfl footballs to buy. Please read our research below before purchasing anything and follow that guide to select your real nfl footballs.

Playing Surface

As a buyer you need to decide which surface you want to use the most. This will allow you to make a decision and narrow your choices.
It is not recommended to use a soccer ball that was purchased for competition matches or training on grass. Instead, it should be used on streets and on sandy beaches.

Number Of Panels

This can vary depending on which ball you are using. For an example, take the U.S. Major League Soccer balls, which have 18. The number of panels will affect how the ball plays. Depending on what you prefer, select:
- For more speed, use a lower number.
- For easier control, use a higher number.


There are many options when it comes to selecting the correct size football. Although you need to take into account the size of the thrower's hands, it is easiest to find the best size for the football by looking at the average age. The majority of footballs can be used in one of the four age categories that most leagues fall into.
- Pee Wee footballs are best for children 6-9 years old
- For players aged 9-12, junior football is the best option
- For players aged 12-14, youth football is the best option
- Official Footballs: The best for players aged 14 or older
- Official footballs can also be approved at both the pro and collegiate levels.

Check The Bonding

Examine the seams between the two panels at the ball's outside. Make sure that they are properly sewn. Avoid using glue or other bonding materials, as they can weaken faster. Avoid having to replace balls frequently by choosing ones that have been stitched. They are stronger and more reliable.
The stitching of premium balls is done by hand. However, the stitching ofer balls can be done by machines.


The outer layer of your football's shell can have a significant impact on its durability and worth. Most footballs can be made from foam, synthetic leather or rubber. Every material has its own unique characteristics, which allow for everyone to have memorable times tossing old pigskin about.

Pick The Right Type For Its Intended Use

Select a ball specifically made for your intended use. Consider whether you are using the ball for fun, training or formal matches. Then, choose between:
- Premium match balls
- Match balls
- Balls for training
- Balls for Mini/Skills

Weight And Hardness

Consider its hardness and weight. Choose a ball that will not cause injury to you or other players when it is kicked, caught, headbutted, or kicked. Avoid heavy and rock-hard balls. Avoid very softballs as they are more likely bounce off the target and to go off-target.


How much money are you willing to pay? Prices for soccer balls vary from just a few dollars to several hundred. Consider the purpose of the ball before you buy it. You should also consider how frequently you will use the ball.
A ball is enough if you only need it to throw around occasionally.
Children should consider buying a smaller ball, even if they are in a league. They will eventually outgrow the size they need.
A quality ball is more reliable and can be used for a longer time.
If you are willing to invest a lot, do some research on specific balls. The best ones don't always cost the most.


Why Do I Always Have To Pump Up Even Expensive Balls?

Latex bladders are used by many balls. The natural latex rubber bladders provide the most comfortable feel and reaction, but they don't retain the air well. Micro pores slowly let air escape. Natural rubber bladders require more frequent re-inflating than butyl bladders. The latex bladder can leak air even after a few days so you'll need to inflate it back to the recommended pressure. Carbon-latex bladders are used in some balls. The carbon powder closes the micropores. The carbon-latex bladders of soccer balls can increase the air retention by approximately one week. Check the ball regularly for any punctures which could cause air to escape. The best combination of air retention and feel is offered by FootBalls with Butyl bladders. They are available in all middle- to high-priced balls. Balls with latex bladders have a significantly higher air retention, which can last for weeks or months.

What Is The Difference Between A High-quality Footballs And A Low-quality Football?

Many people purchase soccer balls based on the cost of the ball. A ball that is costly means it is high quality. If it's low-cost, it usually indicates that the ball has poor quality. This is often not true. However, many professionals, players, coaches and clubs don't know which type of ball they should buy.

How Do I Inflate My Footballs?

Over time, soccer balls experience a drop in air pressure. Some soccer balls lose their air pressure over several days. Soccer balls with butyl bladders can keep the ball's air pressure higher than those that have latex bladders. To ensure that the ball is correctly inflated, make sure you check its pressure regularly. To ensure proper inflation, you should invest in a quality ball pump and have plenty of inflation needles. Place a few drops of silicone oil, silicone lubricant spray or glycerin oils into your valve before you inflate the soccer ball. These oils can be purchased online or sprayed at your local hardware shop. The lubricants can be used to prolong the life of your valve. They also lubricate it for easier inflation. Before inserting the inflation needle into the valve, make sure to moisten it. To moisten your needle, you can use silicon oil, silicon spray or glycerin oils. Many people resort to spit...yuk. However, this is not recommended.

How Do You Pump Up A Football?

Inflating a football requires that you first have a pump. This pump has a thin, long needle at the end.
It is sometimes a good idea to use Glycerine or another lubricant as well as cleaning the valve before you insert the needle. To avoid puncturing your bladder, you should do it slowly.
You can simply pump the air in the ball by using the handle.

What To Do If Your Football Gets Wet?

You don't want your ball to get wet. This can cause it to be less durable.
To maintain the condition of the ball, you need to dry it with a towel or cloth. Never use heat to dry the cloth.

Why Do Some Football Get Bigger Over Time?

Over time, many soccer balls tend to grow in size. Particularly lower-quality balls. The bladder pressure against the cover and linings can cause this. The material and the stitching can stretch over time, causing the ball's size to increase. Soccer ball abuse can cause the fabric and stitching to become looser, causing the ball to grow.

What Do The Sizes Mean?

Three numbers have been used to represent the size and weight of a football: sizes 3, 4 and 5.
Size 3 is the smallest size and it is usually for under-10-year-old players. However, they are also great to use as a training aid to help improve coordination.
A size 5 ball, by comparison, is larger and meant for people aged 14 and above. They weigh between 410 and 450g and measure 68 to 70cm in circumference.

What About Ball Longevity? Will The Ball Last Very Long On A Hard Pitch, Concrete Or Dirt?

How long the ball lasts on uneven surfaces will depend heavily on the material of the cover. Rubberized covers will last for longer than synthetic leather.


We hope this blog has provided you with useful information about selecting the real nfl footballs to buy. If you're still unsure, consider why you're purchasing a product in the first place.

Here you can select the K KENON Engraved Footballs for Son from Mom if you are unable to select one of the available items above. Consider whether any of our suggestions aided you in deciding which products to purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

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