The Lightweight Golf Bag With Wheels For 2023

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Himal Outdoors Golf Travel Bag - Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Oxford Wear-Resistant
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A light golf bag is a must if you’re after a low profile set-up that won’t take up much space in your car when travelling to the course. A lightweight bag can also help to reduce your swing inertia, which will help you hit the ball progressively. Many manufacturers build lightweight golf bags with wheels for this very reason.

With some test driving of golf bags and a bit of researching on the internet, we put together this guide on how to buy the best lightweight golf bag with wheels so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

However, after investing in 20, we've come up with a name that's worthy of your requirement: Himal Outdoors Golf Travel Bag - Heavy Duty 600D Polyester Oxford Wear-Resistant. If you desire extra features not included in this model, you might look into another one, MACGREGOR Golf VIP Ladies Cart Bag with Built in Wheels/Handle, 14 Way Divider, Grey/Pink. It could better suit your needs.

Products Suggest

Intimate design: The golf bag travel case itself comes with soft cushion and carrying handles. The velcro carrying handle is particularly useful to help carry the golf club travel bag whether at airport or station.

More space: Multiple zippered compartments for storing extra gear, The additional space on both sides to hold your towel, keys, shoes and so on

Himal provides a true satisfaction guarantee and don’t hesitate to contact us if there is any problem.

Pulley upgrade: Advanced smooth zipper design can be used for several times. The quality wheels make your trip more comfortable and convenient.

High quality materials: Made of premium 600D heavy duty polyester oxford, tough enough to protect your golf clubs during travel.

SPECS - 35.5" bag. Weighs 10lbs. 9.5" top.

STORAGE OPTIONS - 7 pockets total, including a valuable/jewelry pocket, drinks cooler pocket, full length apparel pockets and more

FEATURE PACKED - Quick grab handles. Rain hood. Golf towel buckle. Velcro glove tab. Umbrella holder.

GOLF BAG WITH WHEELS - Golf bags can get heavy. The VIP bag with built in wheels and retractable handle makes moving this bag easy

14 WAY DIVIDER SYSTEM - 14 full length dividers keep your clubs separated and organized

GOLF BAG WITH WHEELS - Golf bags can get heavy. The VIP bag with built in wheels and retractable handle makes moving this bag easy

14 WAY DIVIDER SYSTEM - 14 full length dividers keep your clubs separated and organized

STORAGE OPTIONS - 7 pockets total, including a valuable/jewelry pocket, drinks cooler pocket, full length apparel pockets and more

FEATURE PACKED - Quick grab handles. Rain hood. Golf towel buckle. Velcro glove tab. Umbrella holder.

SPECS - 36.5" bag. Weighs 10lbs. 9.5" top.

Foldable Design with Convenient Open - Bullet Shape and foldable for easy storage and carry and U-shape wide open zipper system for easy open & Close

Easy to Fill - Ideal 54" (138 CM) length and rommy design for full set golf clubs, cart bag , extra secure and stable with two fixing straps.

Smooth Rolling & Tough Wheel - Featured with optimized in-line skate wheel and premium rubber base securing long-lasting and unobstructed carrying experience.

Extra Protection - Unique OTS system covers the entire golf travel case with 2x thickened cushion layer and 900D oxford wear resistance and waterproof material, extra proteion of golf club brassie during transportation.

However You Prefer to Carry it - The golf club travel bag was design to meet different conditions by adding shoulder strap, multiple handles and separated bag for golf shoes. Easy to carry the bag at shuttle, bus station.

Sport type: Golf

Dedicated soft grip putter well

14-Way top with full-length Individual divider System (ids)

Retracting telescopic handle with push-button adjustment

【EASY FOR TRANSPORTATION】TurnWay Golf Travel Bag is 19.7 x 14.6 x 57.9 inch (50 x 37 x 147 cm) (LxWxH) , HUGE SPACE designed for full set of golf clubs. Multiple zippered compartments help storing extra gear, towel, keys, shoes and so on. High quality STURDY and DURABLE WHEELS help you transport your golf gear more comfortable and convenient.

【PROTECTION PADDED】The golf travel bag is built with THICK 5MM PADDING from the top to the bottom, protecting your golf set from collisions during travel. An INTERIOR TIE DOWN STRAP secures your golf stand bag. Two FIXED FEET on the bottom and interior PU make the bottom stronger and more wear-resistance, stable for standing.

【DURABLE MATERIAL】Tear-resistance, wear-resistance, waterproof high quality material is made of 1800D polyester oxford, tough enough to protect your golf gear during the transportation.

【FOLDABLE DESIGNED】It can be FOLDED INTO your car boot, carry-on luggage, etc., convenient for storage and carrying.

【MULTIFUNCTIONAL PURPOSE】Advanced wide gauge smooth zippers wrapping around help taking out golf gear easily. REMOVABLE SHOULDER STRAP, padded handles, two extra top and bottom handles provide the golf bag meeting different conditions.

Removable Front Logo Panel for Customization

1 Large Cooler Pocket

Scorecard Sleeve/Pencil/Tee Holders

1 Oversize External Putter/Wedge Tube

14 Way Full Length Dividers

Unique golf bag with wheel technology,making golfing easy and joyful.

Invention Patent Retractable cover: All-round protection of your club.

Made of 600D nylon with good abrasion resistance and durability.

6 pockets using YKK zippers:1 velvet pocket,1 cooler

Umbrella holder, Rainproof cover, Travel cover, TSA lock.Velcro glove patch, Pen holder.

High-quality imported nylon fabric and well done stitching process make our golf cart bag wear-resistant and durable. All-round protection for your golf clubs.

The interior of the golf bag with wheels is made of high-density polyethylene material around a circle. As a result, this structure of the bag can maintain stability in all conditions.

Large capacity storage space including 9 zippered pockets, one special pocket, one side velour lined pockets, single strap, umbrella holder, marking pen holder, glove velcro, raincover, and extra travel cover and TSA customs lock.

​The golf retractable top can protect all your clubs in travel and is also great for daily golfers. 6-way dividers use velour material which is superior to other bags.

360° Silent spinner wheels roll smoothly while traveling through airports and hard surfaces and you can lock to keep them from flipping around. After tested, the wheels can hold up to 44lbs and run 32 km stable.

Constructed from high density nylon fabric for durability and long lifespan.

9 pockets and other additional features, such as umbrella holder, tee holder, gloves velcro, etc.

Multi-directional wear-resistant spinner wheels for effortless mobility.

Patented retractable cover technology protects your valuable clubs.

6 Full-length club dividers with velour-lined protect your golf clubs.

Our Tips to decide which one among lightweight golf bag with wheels is the best

Researchers all know how difficult it is to make a decision when there are so many options. It's something that originally stood out, and you want to get the most bang for your buck, but our advice will help you make good decisions.

Before making a purchase, please read the following key factors to save oneself time and prevent trouble later.

Club Dividers And Pockets

The many ways that golf bag manufacturers prevent your clubs from crashing against each other are endless. To separate different pockets in a bag, many use full-length separators. Many cart bags have full-length individual separators. Some bags come with five pockets for dividers. Others have three. You should feel secure with your clubs. One pocket is sufficient for woods, and one for short irons. There are two pockets at the center for long and middle irons.


This is an easy decision if you are a golfer or live in an area that receives a lot rain. Get a bag that provides protection against the rain. This is important if the bag doesn't offer protection from rain. This is because some models are more efficient than others.


The final thing to think about is price. You can find golf bags for every price range.

Comfortable Strap

Comfort is key when carrying a bag for golf. A wide and well-padded strap that can be adjusted to your needs is key. You want the straps to adjust so the bag is squarely on your shoulders, with just enough lean for your clubs. Don't worry if they are uncomfortable pressing against your shoulder with full loads.


Weight is an important factor across all bag types. Because players are likely to carry them around all day on their shoulders and backs, stand bags must be light. Cart bags need to be lighter so that they can be easily moved from car to cart.
Many brands make lighter models these days because many people don't want to carry a bulky bag.


Because golf bags have to be able to hold many different items, storage is essential. Because cart bags are larger, they tend to hold more stuff. Because they require less effort, players can carry more items with them.
On the other hand, stand bags usually hold enough space to store all the necessities.


A good stand bag should be lightweight and easy to use. However, its core section, strap or stand must be sturdy. The better the stand bag, the more you can protect your clubs.


What do you prefer your golf bag look like? Brands try to make their bags stand out on the course, while cart models blend in. Consider which bags you prefer the most, and if there are different colors.

Bag Type

Simply put, what type of bag would you like? Are you looking for a bag that can be used as a standing or rolling model? Or a cart model? Each bag has its pros and cons. You should consider what is most important for your game.


Are Golf Bags Waterproof?

Some golf bags do not have waterproof exteriors, but you can get waterproofing sprays that will protect it. Most manufacturers include a waterproof lined pouch for protecting valuables and electronics from liquids.

Why Don't Professionals Use Stand Bags?

Although we've seen professionals use stand bags occasionally, this is not common as top golfers need the best storage for all their gear. Tour bags, which can hold a lot of golf equipment, clothing, balls, gloves and food, are the most common type we see.

Can Stand Bags Be Used On Golf Carts?

Stand bags are becoming more popular as more manufacturers offer them. You can secure the bag to your cart by using specific straps or with special lock mechanisms at the base.

Should I Buy A Cart Bag As Well As A Stand Bag?

Golfers often have both a cart and a stand bag. It is very beneficial to be able to choose between a stand bag or a cart depending on your circumstances.

What Is A Stand Bag?

Stand bags are a great way to transport your golf clubs. They can be carried on your shoulders, so they're lightweight and easy to carry. The bag's name refers to the two legs built into the sides. These allow the bag to be angled when taking your shot. It makes it easier to choose your next golf club and prevents the bag getting soaked on bad days.

How To Care For Your Golf Bag?

As important as its durability is, bag maintenance is equally crucial. It will last longer if it is kept clean using the right cleaning products. Avoid using chemical cleaning products or chemicals on your bag. They can cause premature retirement and damage the fabric.
You can clean nylon bags with warm water and a bit of soap. Use a damp cloth to clean the areas. Next, use a towel or another fabric to wipe them clean.

What Is The Best Lightweight Golf Bag?

There is a huge difference in a regular and lightweight stand bag, as you will probably have noticed from this list. These super-lightweight bags are lighter than average and easier to transport on your back.
However, you will lose weight and size which can lead to less space for your gear. You can't go wrong if you are okay with this tradeoff.

How Do I Choose A Golf Bag?

First, decide whether you need a cart bag or a stand. To narrow your choices, you can refer to the models and factors listed above if you prefer the stand. Check out our guide to the best cart bags. It will give you lots of advice on what models you can choose, which factors are important, as well as other useful information.


Follow these guidelines to ensure that you purchase lightweight golf bag with wheels in 2023. Take into account what characteristics are most essential for your topmost issue right now, and then look into different products that meet those requirements. If you are unable to choose a product, please see Helix Golf Stand Bag Retractable, 6 Way Dividers with Backstrap Shoulder Carry Golf Bag for another option.

With this advice, you should be able to find a great new product with much less difficulty! Do you have any inquiries? Please notify us as soon as possible.

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