• 27 Feb 2022
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About Out-Loud.org

Out-loud.org originally exists to produce and manage multi-sport events in the Greater Houston area. For a long time, our editors have been looking for new features and researching them. We are eager to improve our website and offer you something new.
Because of that, We upgraded Out-Loud.org to become a website for sports enthusiasts. We love the outdoors and share our enthusiasm by reviewing gear, recommending products, and sharing tips and tricks from years of sports, hiking, biking, and other activities.

The Team

We are both Americans living in Greater Houston, but we now reside in different parts of the US. Our friendship has been going strong for more than ten years. We met online through a forum dedicated to sports and outdoor.
Out-Loud.org was founded by three people who share a passion for the outdoors and sports. We also wanted a site that focused more on reviews than ads.
Jason has a background in website programming and technology. Sarah studied finance in college and has been working in the financial industry for many years. She is a specialist in affiliate marketing which is what drives Out-Loud.org’s revenue stream.
Mark spent his entire career in the advertising industry.

Our Mission

Honest reviews and recommendations, with an emphasis on outdoor gear and sports.

Our goal

We review outdoor and sports products in order to help our readers make better buying decisions. Based on real field experience & market research through online websites, we offer honest and unbiased opinions.
Our philosophy is simple. We will only recommend products that we have used and believe will be beneficial to our readers.
This is what makes us stand out from other review sites. We need to have a personal connection with the product before we can consider it. If we have significant industry experience or relevant expertise, we will only accept products to review.

Our Product Reviews

Our goal is to only review products we believe will be reliable and useful, and to give honest reviews that are based on real-world use and market research with customer feedback. This is how we aim to achieve this goal:
If we have significant industry experience or relevant expertise, we will only accept products free of charge for review. We don't publish paid reviews. Every study we publish is our opinion and does not reflect the opinions of others.

How we make money

Out-Loud.org.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon.com.
All the products we recommend can be purchased at Amazon.com. If you click on a sponsored link, we will earn a small commission (without any additional cost to you).